Multi Cleanse

Multi Cleanse is a super concentrated dark blue liquid with a citrus odour. It is suitable for an incredible range of general purpose cleaning requirements.
Multi Cleanse will clean quickly, thoroughly and efficiently whether used in hard, soft, hot or cold water.
Multi Cleanse is fully biodegradable so after use it is broken down into harmless materials by normal water treatment and natural processes. It contains no solvents and no strong acids and is therefore suitable for all surfaces. 100% water soluble non-toxic and non-flammable.

How to use


Multi Cleanse can be used manually or through a pressure washer.


Dilute the super concentrate (neat product) to 10:1 (e.g. 100ml Multi Cleanse to 1000ml water) to obtain standard strength Multi Cleanse.
Then re-dilute this solution up to 50:1 according to the degree of soiling.
In general the recommended dilution rates are:
Light cleaning 50:1 (i.e. 500:1)
Medium cleaning 20:1(i.e. 200:1)
Heavy cleaning 5:1 (i.e. 50:1)

Typical applications

Multi Cleanse Because Multi Cleanse is water based it can be used on any surface which is not harmed by water. It is a truly versatile product, which is used wherever quick, and effective cleaning is required. Multi Cleanse is used to clean floors, walls, ventilation systems, vending machines, machinery, upholstery, industrial equipment, food processing equipment and all kinds of surfaces.

Health & Safety

See separate “PRODUCT SAFETY DATA SHEET” for information.