Power Gloss

Power Gloss is an Emerald aqueous bodywork shampoo conditioner specially formulated for the rapid removal of traffic film, grease and road grime from car paintwork.
Power Gloss will greatly assist in preserving the overall finish and appearance of bodywork. Special additional ingredients including rust inhibitors form a glossy water repellent barrier, which protects the paintwork.
Power Gloss is fully biodegradable so after use it is broken down into harmless materials by normal water treatment and natural process. It is non-toxic and non-flammable.

How to use


Power Gloss can be used manually or through a pressure washer and will be effective in hot or cold, hard or soft water.


Dilute the super concentrate (neat product) to 10:1 (e.g 100ml Power Gloss to 1000ml of water to obtain standard strength Power Gloss)
Then re-dilute this solution up to 50:1 according to the degree of soiling.
In general the recommended dilution rates are:
Light Cleaning: 50:1 (i.e. – 500:1)
Medium Cleaning: 20:1 (i.e. – 200:1)
Heavy Cleaning: 5:1 (i.e. – 50:1)

Typical applications

Power Gloss is so versatile, that it can be used on the inside and outside of a vehicle, making a particularly cost effective product to use in the overall maintenance of vehicles. Power Gloss can be used on: Bodywork, Chassis, Carpets, Vinyl, Upholstery, Windows and Leather.

Health & Safety

See separate “PRODUCT SAFETY DATA SHEET” for information.