Ant bacterial Hand Soap

Hand Gel is a specially formulated water based gel system containing anti-bacterial agents. It quickly loosens and removes a wide range of ingrained dirt and grease. Anti-bacterial agents kill germs and most common types of bacteria.

Hand Gel is citrus scented has a light yellow appearance and contains conditioners to ensure extra skin care.

Hand Gel's special formulation leaves hands feeling fresh, supple and spotlessly clean. It has a ph level of 5.5, contains no unnatural solvents and therefore does not remove the skins natural protective oils. It contains mild antiseptic and anti irritant properties making the hand cleaner particularly suited for damaged and sensitive skin.

Hand Gel contains fully biodegradable detergents and is non-flammable.

How to use


Apply a minimum amount to dry hands. Rub in well until hands are Clean and Fresh. Rinse off with hot or cold water and dry off. Hand Gel is a concentrated product meaning only a minimal quantity of gel is required for each application. For hygienically clean skin wash with hand gel for at least 30 seconds.

Typical applications

Hand Gel can be used to clean hands from all forms of dirt and to remove and kill Bacteria. It can be used in all industries, and would be particularly useful for areas involving Food Preparation. The anti-bacterial hand gel is so versatile that it can be used through a wall soap dispenser or by pump action, which can be attached to the container. Anti–Bacterial Hand Gel is designed for any area where hands have to have a high level of hygiene before commencing work.

Health & Safety

See separate “PRODUCT SAFETY DATA SHEET” for information.